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Adam’s Story

Adam Benham, founder of Apollo Security Division, passionately and painstakingly crafted his company with a difference. After working in the security industry for 10 years, he decided to strike out and set up a security company that would operate the right way, and not just look to drive up profits at the cost of standards. Spurred on by the birth of his son in 2014, Adam officially incorporated the company, with the goal of making the areas his company works in safer, not just for the benefit of his family, but everyone’s families.

Ever since, driven by that goal, Apollo Security Division has gone from strength to strength, providing clients throughout London, Hertfordshire, and Essex with some of the highest quality security services available. Being a great service provider means having complete and total confidence in the people providing those services, and we’re proud to have the best pros in the business working with us.

Emma's Story



Kate's Story

"Kate has been with Apollo for just over a year now, but the impact she has made in that time is very apparent. Kate says "joining the family business has been a very challenging yet rewarding experience. 

Over the last year I have gone from strength to strength learning and achieving something new every week. When working for family you can't just "switch off" your mind is constantly in overdrive because you want things to run as smoothly as possible and foremost provide an outstanding service to your clients. 

Past roles have given me the wealth of experience to draw from to easily tackle the complex administrative issues a security company such as Apollo see on a daily basis.

Kate is responsible for many different aspects of the business from the operations (Pay and Invoicing) to logistics to which we are proud to say that the way Apollo's administrative and logistical process now operate is solely down to Kate's input. Which has meant that our administrative team and front line operational teams work in unison which has allowed us to ensure a effective delivery process from instruction to delivery. 

However Kate's contributions do not stop there, Kate also championed the care and recognition internal process. This is where we use our social media to recognise our team and it’s been very well received by all.."

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