Just so we can say we are all on the same page your key holding company that supplies you with alarm response services, will attend your:

But here come the benefits we as a key holding & alarm response company just like many others have access to your premises 24/7 and the things, we can be used for will save you time.

Meter readings!

In some instances where you are still required to record the meter manually, we are here to help. There may be many reasons you cannot do it yourself,

  • You may have just bought/rented the building and although you own it you have not yet moved in.
  • It may be a vacant or void property in your portfolio.
  • You may have just forgot an you want it done asap (gulp even at 03:00am).

Whatever the reason alarm response companies like Apollo Security Division can deal with this for you.

Keeping it green!

With an ever-growing demand and growth in consciousness surrounding the environment keeping waste of energy to a minimum is a must and this is where your alarm response company can step in! at the end of the day when your staff are going home ensuring that printer/copier is turned off is not what’s on their mind. For many of our clients we carry out an office check list which ensures all none-essential items are off such as: coffee machines, printers, lights, microwaves and more…

Post collection

If you have a vacant property in your portfolio getting your post collected by your key holding company is a fantastic way to keep on top of things, but it has many other benefits at the same time such as:

  • Letting squatters know that someone is monitoring the property.
  • Keeping down a fire hazard.
  • As the team are there, they can conduct a general check of the building to ensure it is in good condition without leaks, broken doors/windows etc…

If you find yourself reading this an thinking you want to know more, or even I would like to get one of their free no obligation quotes call us on 02082454747 or live chat on our website: www.apolloplc.co.uk