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Construction Security, What Can You DO?

Within this post, you will find some of the tried and tested advise we hand out to our clients to protect your construction site:

Mark your equipment several different ways;

Prevent the theft of your essential equipment, supplies and machinery, ensure the name of your company and/or its logo is clearly marked into every item you have onsite. Here at Apollo Security we also advise the use paint or UV
markers, but there are draw backs to just using paint or UV markers such as;

  • paint can be washed off with chemicals and a bit of elbow grease.
  • UV markers are instantly visible and therefore are not as effective a deterrent.

Report any missing or stolen equipment to your supplier or manufacturer immediately;

Just about every manufacturers tags and keeps a record of the equipment they sell, through serial number and invoices. If you should find yourself in the position of wandering equipment you can ring them up and request they keep an eye out for it, in case someone brings it in for repairs or attempts to past it on through registered traders or auction houses that require manufacture verification before sale.

Use your supplies to protect your equipment and bolt it down!;

Items such as generators and lighting are high value peaces of essential kit that are unfortunately easily susceptible to theft. So Apollo’s advice if you can not take it away bolt it down to the ground using steel plates and locks so no one can just tow them away. Other ways to protect your essential supplies and equipment is the use of:

Security Guards

  • Where it’s manned guardingkey holding & alarm responsemobile patrols or a mix of it all. Many construction companies prefer not to put the security of their property totally in the hands of electronic security systems and this is where security guard companies such as Apollo Security Division come in. Security guards whether it is static guarding or mobile security services the human factor deliver an added layer of protection on-site. Of course, security officers are not without their disadvantages: Security guards are expensive, but this const can be offset by the reduction of inconvenience to finding your equipment missing and there is always a chance they may find themselves in physical danger should they walk in on s robbery in progress. But it goes without saying that there are times when having a living person protecting your site may make all of the difference!!!

other things such as providing ample lighting and even the use of alarms to startle prowlers all help protect your vital resources.

Restrict who’s walking around YOUR site;

Your construction site will have numerous visitors on a daily basis everything from contractors, laborers to deliveries will pass through your site. An the best place to protect your site from potential threats here is at the gate! By restrict access at this pinch point you can control who and how people move about your property ensuring that everything is recorded as they go.

For more advise on Construction Site Security, you please follow the link http://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/form_123.pdf  which will take you to a document created in conjunction with Thames Valley Police and the BSIA

To book a free Site Risk Assessment of your construction security site, call 0208 245 4747 or email info@apolloplc.co.uk

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