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Corporate Security

Apollo Security Division’s Corporate Guarding services are used by our clients throughout London including Enfield, Clerkenwell, Westminster, Walthamstow, Angle Islington, the City of London and many more… Most of the time our direct clients are property management companies, they instruct us on behalf of their clients whose services and business models vary widely from recording studios to residential and office buildings.

Regardless of the business type or structure they all want one thing! For their staff and visitors to be safe throughout their time in the building and leave with a positive impression of their brand. Which is exactly why Apollo Security’s Corporate security approach is perfect we take a more holistic view ensuring that all of our security officers can rise to such elements as:

  • Front of house roles
  • Reception roles
  • Concierge services

Finally, yes, the most basic of security officer.

The Challenges We Can Help You Face!

During many discussions with clients and potential clients there are a few things that come up time and again that you can clearly see is a point of stress for people who want to just want to go about their working
day doing what they love, they are things such as:

  • Having a new building and requiring every single bit of security/front of house infrastructure put in place, getting a motivated yet experienced team in place is a must.
  • The endless back and forth between new and old suppliers whether that be for TUPE reasons or just to find out where they hide the keys to the snack cupboard.

The more we asked the more the list grew, but these were among the top 5.

So Why Apollo Security Division?

Many businesses have instructed Apollo Security Division for their front of house and corporate security roles because:

  • Our open management structure which means that you as the client and our staff have access to senior management easily meaning that if you require a change we can get it done on the spot by speaking with the team and worry about the paperwork side of thing when everything is sorted.
  • Our promise that we do not sub-contract any aspect of our work unlike many in the industry if you employee Apollo Security Division you get us and only us.

A Little More About Us…

Apollo Security delivers excellent front of house security management for our clients and their organisation. We understand that people deserve to feel relaxed, confident and safe in the building where they either work or live. With our highly experienced officers and attention to detail, we will ensure that front of house and reception areas are maintained and enhanced.

At Apollo Security Division, we maintain the highest standards. In order to achieve this, we never subcontract any of our work, with every job completed by our skilled and capable team. This means that when you instruct Apollo Security Division, you can rest assured that you will receive our services from direct employees eager to meet and exceed your expectations. To this end, we tailor our services to our client’s needs, ensuring that they feel secure, valued and most importantly, part of the team. For example, a feature of the way we do business is that our senior managers take personal responsibility for our clients, their requirements, and the business relationship. Read on!!!Get a comparison quote or just talk threw some of the things you are facing give us a call today on 0208 245 4747 or email me directly on adam@apolloplc.co.uk 

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