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Searching for a dependable security services company in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire ?

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Do you want to hire security guards in Cheshunt? Apollo Security provide expert security solutions throughout Hertfordshire and is among some of the most trusted brands in the security services industry in Cheshunt...

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Cheshunt, Hertfordshire Construction Security, building site security hertfordshire

Require site security in Cheshunt ? As leading site protection company in Hertfordshire, Apollo Security has been securing construction and buidling sites since 2014 …

Construction Security
Hertfordshire Corporate Security

Want reliable security for your Cheshunt Office? Apollo Security are specialist providers of Office and corporation security throughout Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. With Apollo Security's expertise our security services are second to none…

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Hertfordshire Key Holding, Hertfordshire Alarm Response

For your Cheshunt business to run properly from day-to-day there is nothing more essential than a dependable security company. At Apollo Security we offer you a cost-effective key holding and alarm response solution throughtout Hertfordshire...

Key Holding
Cheshunt Patrol Security, Hertfordshire Mobile Patrols

Require mobile patrol security in Cheshunt ? As leading mobile patrol protection company in Hertfordshire, Apollo Security has been securing companies and there interests since 2014…

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Hertfordshire retail security

Want reliable retail security for your Cheshunt store? Apollo Security are specialist providers of retail security solutions throughout Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. With Apollo Security's expertise our security services are second to none…

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Security In Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Whether you are operating a distribution depot, construction site, business office or a retail premises in Cheshunt preventing unauthorised access is crucially important to avoid theft or incidents. At Apollo Security Division, we provide manned guarding and security services for all manner of businesses, throughout Cheshunt and Hertfordshire, both large and small. Working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our security service teams will always work to meet your requirements.

The Finest Security Staff

When a customer chooses our manned guarding services, we send a team of fully trained, SIA-licensed officers to assist. Drawing on their extensive knowledge, wealth of skills, and years of experience, our security staff provide the highest level of protection while always working around your requirements.

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How do we keep our standards so HIGH?

We use a variety of methods to keep our guards on point but our main three are: regular meetings with staff and clients, extended recruitment process and our fully traceable site/patrol system which allows you as the client to log on at anytime and see whether or not your daily, weekly or monthly tasks are being completed and depending on the task you can view this live as our team are completing them!!!

All-Encompassing Security

Time and time again, Apollo has proven its expertise in effectively guarding residential and business premises from a variety of threats. Our management team and security officers have an array of experience both in the police and private security industry. This gives us the confidence to meet the expectations of each client and strive to exceed them. Our manned guarding teams carry out the following job daily:

  • Providing Access Control of Sites or Premises
  • Checking Identification of Person(s) Entering and Leaving   Premises
  • Monitoring CCTV and Acting Immediately When Necessary
  • Handling out-of-Hours’ Telephone Calls
  • Utilising Full Support from Our in-House 24/7 Control Room
  • Locking and Unlocking Premises
  • Security Patrols of Entire Sites and Grounds

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