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Cheshunt- Retail Store Detectives 

Hertfordshire's - Undercover Security Personnel

Looking to hire retail store detectives in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire ?

Offering the ultimate in covert protection when it comes to your retail business, Apollo Security's Cheshunt and Hertfordshire division of discreet store detectives will move your security to the next level and provide your stock and staff with the protection it needs. Dramatically reducing the odds of falling victim to theft, ours store detectives will seamlessly and effortlessly integrate themselves onto your shop floor and be the much needed eyes and ears of your retail space.

Knowing and understanding that you don’t have the time to monitor every single customer, here at Apollo Security Division we will implement the following services to allow you to continue with business as usual:

                               Reduce stock theft both
internally & externally
Detect and arrest shoplifters

Monitor your staff

Ensure appropriate till usage

Carry out end of day staff searches

Provide undercover detectives 
Carry out statements, interviews and investigations

Apollo Security offers along with our dedicated retail security and store detective teams are experience in delivering results throughout Cheshunt and Hertfordshire. Apollo Security work with some of the most exclusive names in high end retail, from guarding stock and managing and improving internal processes to preventing crime and ensuring your business has the vital tools to protect valuable assets, our retail and boutique security is all-encompassing. 

Whether you know it or not, your retail business is exposed to countless threats and Cheshunt is no exception to these threats, the latest research shows these threats are becoming more and more sophisticated every day. With Apollo Security's dedicated team based in Enfield we can offer you a full range of retail security services available across North London.

All-Encompassing Security

Time and time again, Apollo has proven its expertise in effectively guarding retail premises from a variety of threats throughout Cheshunt and Hertfordshire. Our management team and security officers have an array of experience both in the police and private security industry. This gives us the confidence to meet the expectations of each client and strive to exceed them. Our manned guarding teams carry out the following job daily:

    Providing Access Control of Sites or Premises
  • Monitoring CCTV and Acting Immediately When Necessary
  • Handling out-of-Hours’ Telephone Calls
  • Utilising Full Support from Our in-House 24/7 Control Room
  • Locking and Unlocking Premises
  • Security Patrols of Entire Sites and Grounds

Working alongside our dedicated security officers, our reliable and friendly administration staff will happily help you with any enquires you have regarding your security requirements, an best of all best of all as we're in Hertfordshire too we understand the local and threats that come with it. 

Meaning we only offer the the correct attendance level of professionally trained security officers can significantly minimises the chance of vandalism, theft and other crime. As well as an great visual deterrent, our security guards also act as rapid response solution combating  potential and genuine security threats.

We pride ourselves on our customer-orientated approach, as well as our direct employees only policy. Which means when you use Apollo Security Division to hire security guards for your Cheshunt business, you’ll receive a second to none service at a reasonable price all with the knowledge that you are being protected by people you can trust.

By having this direct only staff policy means we are able to easily offer duel-role capabilities such as concierge and front of house services to maintenance checks to stock takes, our flexible security guard packages are tailor made to meet your specific requirements. Which will help you keep costs down without compromising on your security levels. 

Call our office today and you’ll have taken the first simple step which will result in a safer working environment for everyone. Which will intern give your staff the freedom to do the job you’re paying them to do and let us worry about your retail security, because after all it’s what we do best.

Pick up the phone or fill in a contact form now and together, we can make your retail premises a safer and more profitable place.

Founded in 2014, Apollo Security Division offer an extensive range of security guard solutions in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. We are also SafeContractor approved and have been since our founding.

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