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Key Holding in London

At it’s most simplistic, Key Holding is a service of holding a spare key to your premises.

Be that residential or commercial, should you require it for any reason the key holder can head out to give you access to your premises. However, as with everything key holding has evolved over time. It is no longer just holding a spare key for emergencies, it now involves opening and closing offices, responding to intruder alarms and ensuring the property is secure and safe from threat.

At this point I would like to introduce an article I am publishing on the 22nd March 2017 entitled ‘ Preventing Internal Security Breaches ‘ this article will expand upon internal threats to a business and what you can do to protect your business from them. This article will also feature a handy FREE building security checklist that you can download and run though, as always if you would like assistance assessing your premises call 0208 245 4747 or contact us here!

Now for the Question Is Outsourcing Your Key Holding Right For You?

Of course the above leads your directly into the question of  “is it really worth that little bit extra cost???” well in short yes, yes it is. An here is why;

  1. Considering Corporate Responsibility –  As an employer, if you should place a member of your staff at risk such as; asking them to respond to an alarm in the middle of the night. You are placing that member of staff in an unknown situation which could potentially be dangerous. This would leave you open to legal action and in worst case you could be vulnerable to the Corporate Manslaughter act of 2007
  2. Training, Training & More Training – Having an untrained, inexperienced member of staff attending to security matter simply doesn’t make sense. From an operational perspective as security isn’t just about ensuring the doors and windows are locked an the alarm is set then moving on, it’s about being aware of what is going on around you. An being able to react appropriately if anything is out or the ordinary.
  3. Staff Moral WILL Be Affected – Placing a member of staff in harm’s way is bad for moral, plain and simple. Especially if that person is due to work the next day to tell all of their coworkers about YOUR disregard for their safety and general well being. Again this point alone makes it worth outsourcing your security to a company like Apollo Security as a demotivated workforce can drop productivity by 50%.
  4. Do You Have The Correct Insurance – Will your insurance cover you if a member of your staff or even yourself suffer an injury during an alarm/out of hours attendance. Chances are the answer will be no, specialist key holding companies like Apollo Security have specialist insurance that will a multitude of scenarios.

So as you can see four fantastic reasons to outsource your Key Holding & Mobile Security Services. If you would like to know more about how we can help and how we currently help businesses across London give us a call on 0208 245 4747 or contact us here.

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