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Mobile Patrol Services

When thinking on the security of your site whether it is a construction siteretail premises or office building. the physical security aspect can get over looked…

Why does physical security get over looked???

This is because it is usually dismissed as being too expensive, and depending on the type of site and location having a static officer there all the time could be over the top and kill your budget. Never the less securing your companies interest 24/7 is essential.

with this 24/7 protection in mind looking at adding extra protection in the form of mobile security patrols is an excellent and versatile option, which can be used on vacant propertieslone worker protection or as a locking & unlocking service.

How do I start???

Firstly take stock of what you are trying to protect and what you currently have in place, then using this a your starting point layer your security the idea being that each layer should support the others and act as a security net if one layer of protection ever fails. For instance if you have an alarm system who reacts to the activation? if its yourself or one of your employees do they then have to work a full shift the next day affecting their productivity! etc Both mobile patrols & key holding are excellent outsourced services that will enhance your security and not cost you the earth.

Apollo’s mobile security services

Here at Apollo Security Division we deploy a system of highly distinctive liveried vehicles as well as staff uniforms in conjunction with regular and irregular mobile security patrols, each of our mobile security patrols unless specified are a minimum of 1 hour onsite, which gives you the maximum of protection and when used as part of our irregular patrol service times can make your site a less appealing target for trespassers and opportunistic thieves.

If you are interested to know more about what our customers think of us check out our Review’s an if you would like to know more about us and our pricing options call us on 0208 245 4747 or email info@apolloplc.co.uk

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