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Dependable Key Holding and Alarm Responders in North London

Most businesses have a designated key holder who opens and closes the business. They are also usually placed in charge of responding to out-of-hours emergencies and alarms. Prevent a member of your staff from finding themselves face-to-face with an intruder by taking advantage of our key holding and alarm response services. At Apollo Security Division, of North London, our selection of security services includes acting as responsible key holders and alarm response for businesses.

Key Holder Security Benefits

We attend intruder alarm activations, therefore removing any disruption caused by the alarm being activated, whether they are false or genuine situations. This removes any potential threat to your business’ nominated key holders, who would otherwise have to attend the activation no matter the time of day or night. Another crucial advantage of our key holding service is that it reduces the negative impact caused by over-tired employees who have been called out several times throughout the night.

Various Benefits

By choosing Apollo Security Division to be your designated key holder, you can ensure that:

  • Only Professional, Fully Trained Staff Attend Alarm Activation’s
  • Your Staff Do Not Put Themselves at Personal Risk
  • You Limit Potential Liability Claims Resulting from Serious Incident
  • Manned Guarding Is Arranged in the Event of a Serious Incident
  • Coordination of Police Attendance and their Repair Contractors
  • Your Site is always Secured before Security leaves
  • You Receive a Detailed Report of All Actions Carried out
  • Preventative Signage Is Displayed at Your Property

How do we keep our standards so HIGH?

We use a variety of methods to keep our guards on point but our main three are: regular meetings with staff and clients, extended recruitment process and our fully traceable site/patrol system which allows you as the client to log on at anytime and see whether or not your daily, weekly or monthly tasks are being completed. Depending on the task you can view this live as our team are completing them!!


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