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Retail Outlet and Boutique Security in North London

From guarding stock, managing and improving internal processes to preventing crime and ensuring your business has the vital tools to protect valuable assets, our retail and boutique security is all-encompassing. At Apollo Security Division, in North London, our talented and dedicated security team takes great pride in delivering fantastic results for every retail client.

The Importance of Retail Security

Whether you realise it or not, your business is exposed to countless threats every minute of every day, and the latest research shows that these threats are becoming more and more sophisticated. The harsh reality is that retail crime has never been so important to consider when deciding what your security requirements are. Whether it is loss or damage to property, anti-social behaviour, or organised crime you face, Apollo Security Division offers a range of retail security services to help protect you.

Various Security Solutions

Crime comes in many different shapes and sizes, which is why you simply cannot rely on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ security solution. At Apollo Security Division, we offer static and mobile guards, store detectives, CCTV surveillance, and key holding and alarm response services to protect your business. Delivering a hands-on approach to your challenges, we will tackle any issue with time-proven solutions that put you back in control.

How do we keep our standards so HIGH?

We use a variety of methods to keep our guards on point but our main three are: regular meetings with staff and clients, extended recruitment process and our fully traceable site/patrol system which allows you as the client to log on at anytime and see whether or not your daily, weekly or monthly tasks are being completed. Depending on the task, you can view this live as our team are completing them!!


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