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Stop Squatters in their tracks…

Now here is the upsetting bit, as far as non-residential property is concerned this issue of squatting is incredibly complex not to say that it is viewed in the law as a civil issue NOT criminal! When dealing with the issue of squatting you hear people talking about squatters rights, in this respect they are commonly referring to:

“The Criminal Law Act 1977 which made it an offence to threaten or use violence to enter a property where someone is present and opposes the entry.” please learn more here.


Here’s the six steps that we recommend our clients and potential client take.


When leaving your property empty you should ensure potential squatters have the hardest time possible gaining entry to your premises by having all of your doors including fire doors secured with solid steel hoarding fixed directly into the brick work NOT the door frame, with anti-tamper fixings.


Again such as with the doors the windows are an easy access point so ensure they also have solid steel hoarding on fixed to the brick work with anti-tamper fixings, as for rooflights they are wonderful architectural devices that make rooms look bigger and brighter. However from a security point of view they are just as much of a nightmare as windows and doors! please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that they are safe because they are up on the roof get them secured.

Locks & Padlocks 

Like many things in life you get what you pay for, this is never so true as it is with locks and padlocks. So don’t skimp here get yourself some high quality anti-tamper locks we here at Apollo Security use and recommend Barnet Lock & Security they will have the lock you require!


Remember you pay the bills so when you leave a property contact your supplier get them to switch them off at the mains. By having the water, gas and electric will make it less appealing for squatters an a massive bonus it will save you money.


If your building doesn’t have one, get one! Whether you lease it, get a cheap one from online or get a permanent professionally installed one it is a must again another must is a key holding company who can quickly and professionally responded to any activation’s that may happen.

Regular Inspections

Now you’ve done all of the above do not think your work is finish, in order to keep your property free from squatter you should carry out regular inspections. Whether you do these your self or have a security company such as ourselves do it, they are a must! your insurer will love it and it will be less likely that any claim you make will be refused.

Stick to these six simple steps and you will find that your vacant property will be free from unwanted guests. To find out how we could help you with any manned guarding services, mobile security patrol or any other of our services please contact us here.

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