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The Road To A New Website For Apollo Security Division

It is with excitement and immense pleasure I announce Apollo Security Division’s new website

We have filled it to the brim with fantastic new features that assist our visitors to navigate around and find their perfect security service, all of which is designed to get our visitors to experience the hassle free service that Apollo Security Division is so well known for, It wasn’t all plain sailing to get here we……

had to effectively teach ourselves how to build a site from the ground up, Once we did that, we set out to find a host and we got a fantastic provider that understood what were after and helped us to get our ideas from concept to reality. Firstly we had to look at every service and I do mean every single one, The Key Holding, The Manned Guarding, Mobile Patrols through to our Corporate Security, Construction Security and even the Void and Vacant security, all this while delivering the quality service our clients have come to know us for and rolling out our new services but more to follow on that in the near future.

Its been a fantastic learning curve and being able to converse with the development team (while knowing what can and cant be done) is invaluable. I would advise anyone looking to build a site on three key points.

  1. Try and build a site yourself, this will give you the understanding of what can be archived with little knowledge.
  2. Keep in mind what other people in your industry are doing (only as a guide, you have to be you).
  3. Listen to your clients, friends, suppliers and new customers. these are the people that will be on your site, they will tell you what they want.

Aside from the fantastic new layout and navigation features we have added several New Services this year that I look forward to telling you more about over the coming months.

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