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Looking For The Ideal Mobile Security Solution in Shepherds Bush, West London?

Ward off potential intruders and keep your premises secure with mobile security from Apollo Security Division in Shepherds Bush, West London. Our mobile patrol services are an extremely effective visual and physical deterrent. Working with our management team, we will devise internal and external patrol routes for your premises to prevent theft and deter all unauthorized persons from your premises. Furthermore, these patrols will be carried out irregularly, to keep the mobile patrol pattern ambiguous and prevent opportunists from being successful.

A Noticeable Security Presence

All Apollo Security Division’s mobile patrol officers wear our distinctive uniform in addition to driving highly overt, fully branded vehicles. This again acts as a strong deterrent to unauthorised persons on your premises, therefore reducing the likelihood of theft or vandalism.

In the event of an incident occurring, we would be pleased to act on your behalf to find a solution. This includes organising services from:

  • Glazers
  • Alarm Engineers
  • Boarding Companies

Flexible Security

Although our mobile security patrol service can feature as a standalone security solution that helps you meet your or your insurer’s requirements, it is designed to be extremely flexible. This is why that throughout West London we have created packages combining our services, such as:

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Discover our West London Key Holding Service

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For your Shepherds Bush business to run properly from day-to-day there is nothing more essential than a dependable security company. At Apollo Security we offer you a cost-effective key holding and alarm response solution throughtout West London...

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